European linen garments are the best in the world. In order to identify and spread this exceptional feature, the CELC, (European Flax and Hemp Confederation) created its own trademark: Masters of Linen. It is released only to those linen garments that are made in Europe. The trademark has been created to develop research and encourage creativity, and it is released to all the products made of linen: clothing, home garments and night clothes. A true hallmark of origin and quality.

The brand Master of Linen certifies the origin of the tissue that is cultivated and fabricated in Western European countries. High quality warrantee of resistance, colour outfit, dimensional stability, precision in the description of the tissue composition. More than 10,000 linen cultivators (in France, Belgium and Netherlands), 15 spinners (in Italy, France, North Ireland, Belgium, Austria and Germany) and 96 weavers in East Europe have gathered their energies and their competences to start this initiative.
This search for excellence, together with a deep respect for linen and its features is present in all the phases of its production. Great attention is given to the selection of the best varieties of plants to be cultivated in order to get the best tissues. European specialists are famous all over the world for cultivating ecological linen together with a great care for environment. Before the spinning, the linen fiber is macerated and scutched. These are very important procedures which have to be done by experts with specific skills. Masters of Linen spinners have improved their ability in order to make tissues that are purer, more smooth, more fashionable and above all innovative.

For its finish linen undergoes specific treatments which bring forth a fiber easy to manage, to iron and crease-resistant. European linen is traditionally acknowledged as the best in the world. It is cropped on the best soils, and is produced and manufactured by highly skilled hands using the most innovative techniques in all the production phases.

That's why garments made of tissues produced in the CELC countries benefit from the brand Masters of Linen which is registered in more than 60 countries. Linen fibers are treated by 15 highly specialised spinning laboratories located in Italy, France, Northen Ireland, Belgium, Austria and Germany. They produce a great variety of goods, about 22000 tons a year. Thanks to the creativity of its producers, Europe is the leader in the transformation of the linen yarns into tissues and knitting wear. The most innovative weaving and knitting wear plants are mostly located in Italy, France, Belgium, Northen Ireland, Austria and Spain.

The label certifies that the product is cultivated, spun, weaved and finished in Europe and that complies with precise quality and technical standards for dimension stability, colour lasting and mechanical resistance.

Besides the quality of manufacturing, the brand certifies the quality of the European linen according to four principles:

  1. The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy style": this fiber cherished by fashon designers can be used for both classical and innovative declinations of fashion. When natural qualities and innovative technologies come together linen is successful in any market.
  2. The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy wear": it is perfect for any occasion, from the most important to the daily ones. It can be used to make elegant, comfortable and natural tissues suitable to get in touch with the body skin.
  3. The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy care": it can be easily managed because it dries rapidly and improve its anti-creasing qualities.
  4. The linen certified by Masters of Linen is "easy sell": tanks to the labelling and several promotional supports, distributors are able to emphasize the products and the consumers can identify the brand easily.

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